If we had the good fortune to sell you a vehicle in the last few weeks, you’ve already had the good fortune of meeting Mitchell Canaday.

If not, we’d like to introduce you to our new finance manager!

Mitch has been with us in Orange, TX, for a year and eight months. In that time, he proved himself as a salesman who was easy to get along with and exemplified the customer-first values we strive for every single day at Sabine River Ford.

Getting the Numbers Right

Now, Mitch is set to sit down with each of our customers to help with the fun part - all that budget stuff.

“As long as they buy a vehicle, I’m the one that’s touching base with everyone,” Mitch said.

When asked why we picked him for such an important spot, he had a couple guesses.

“I’m meticulous with the paperwork,” he said. “I’m good at talking with the customers and keeping them at ease.”

In securing financing for vehicles, it’s Mitch’s job to take care of all the accounting needs for your deal to get funded and pushed through smoothly.

“I try to do the best job I can at explaining everything to our customers so they don’t have any questions,” he said. But if and when you do have questions, he’s also ready to answer them.

We asked Mitch some questions ourselves. Here’s a quick Q&A with Sabine River Ford’s finance manager.

Q&A with Mitch Canaday

What do you like about working at Sabine River Ford?

Mitch: Mostly the people I work with. We have really good management staff. Jim is awesome and gives you great opportunities.

How is Sabine River Ford different from other Golden Triangle dealerships?

Mitch: It’s a small mom-and-pop dealership. A lot of dealerships in Texas are run by big corporations, and this isn’t one of them. You don’t get bogged down in bureaucracy or anything like that really, and neither does the customer.

What’s it like being a one-man finance department?

Mitch: It’s nice in the sense that I can handle everything myself. I can see where it will get pretty mentally taxing, but I like that I’m in control. If something gets missed, it’s on me and I know how to fix it.

What’s your best piece of advice for car shoppers when they start to think about finances?

Mitch: Just like with anything that you buy, be sure you can afford it, and be realistic about what things cost. Look first for what you can afford, and then check for those features you like.

How do you spend your free time?

Mitch: Really I just hang out with my beautiful wife and my dog.

Have You Met Mitch?

Mitch has lived in Orange for about a year and nine months, moving here to work for the Sabine River Ford team. Originally from Mount Vernon, Texas, he’s lived all over the Lone Star State and the country, and he served a year in Iraq with the U.S. Army. (Thank you for your service, Mitchell!)

If you haven’t met Mitch yet, you’ll get to once you pick out a brand new Ford here in Orange!
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