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Like many of our staff, family, and friends, you’re probably still struggling to get back to a full normal after the storms and flooding. We understand what it feels like to be pushed off your course.

Still, when you’re ready to get back on the road, we understand how to help with that even more. Here’s some things to think about as you search for used cars near Orange, TX.

Risk of Unverified Sellers

If any of the used trucks for sale in Orange or the surrounding area have prices that seem too good to be true, make sure you’re thorough in checking for damage.

It’s reprehensible that someone would undercut their neighbor like this in the wake of a natural disaster, but it happens and you need to be on guard.

Unlike franchise car dealers, an independent dealer or seller might try to push used cars for sale in Orange, Beaumont, or Port Arthur that haven’t been properly inspected or repaired. That could put you and your family at risk.

Signs of Used Car Water Damage

It’s important to know what to watch for if you are taking a chance on used cars near Orange, TX.

Carpets that have been recently shampooed could indicate that the interior had an odor or stains from water filling the cabin. Make sure to ask where the vehicle was during Harvey and the subsequent flooding.

Water stains and musty odors are also red flags, especially if you’re looking at a used truck from a dealer who doesn’t have the backing of a national brand.

That gives you a start looking, but you’ll also need to check for:

  • Silt or debris insider door panels

  • Rust on any exposed metal, like seat springs

  • Dampness in out of reach places

  • Water stains on seat belts (which you’ll need to fully extend to inspect)

  • Water lines inside or out

  • Debris, silt, or other crud in the undercarriage, suspension, or other nooks & crannies under the vehicle

  • Smells that are stronger with doors & windows closed (A used vehicle shown to you with the windows down should peak your suspicion)

  • Lighting issues

  • Water or evidence of water in headlights or tail lamps

  • Silt in the wire harness

  • Evidence of rust on screws within the cab

In addition, it won’t hurt to check the NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System). The state’s title history may also be worth a check for the vehicle in question, but keep in mind that insurance notations can take weeks to display in the official records.

Comfort of a Trusted Dealer

Unfortunately, thoroughly checking for mud, water stains, sediments, rust, and more throughout the entire vehicle may not let you detect flood damage.

If the risks and hassle of scouring a used car or truck seem too high, our used inventory is being replenished every day. The safest used cars Orange, Texas, has to offer are the ones on our lot.

Why is that?

Not only do we have the comprehensive Carfax on every used vehicle we’re selling, but we’re a trusted name in the Orange community. We earn that trust by dealing fairly and honestly with customers every day.

When you buy from Sabine River Ford, you know we’re telling you the truth about the vehicle. And if a problem ever would arise, you’ll know right where to find us to help you get back on the road yet again.

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