Ford’s SUVs improve year after year, and they’ve mastered the sport utility class so much that you now have five superb models to choose from. Finding the right Ford SUV is vital, as everyone uses their vehicle a bit differently.

For instance, is your SUV taking the place of a pickup that still needs to do some trailering or hauling? Or are you bulking up from a sedan for increased safety and leg room?

Whatever you’re after, here’s an overview of the different Ford SUV models on sale at Sabine River Ford to help you find the perfect fit.

2018 Escape

The Ford Escape is the most affordable of the sport utility vehicles, and marks the first step into crossover from our sedans.

The 2018 model handles a lot like a car, giving you plenty of control on the road. It also boasts ample cargo space and the highest city fuel economy of the Ford SUVs at 21 mpg. The 2018 Ford Escape comes in FWD and 4WD styles.

The main things to note here are the Escape seats 5 and offers less passenger space than the next SUV. Put differently, this small crossover is a lot more SUV than driving a car, but there’s a lot more SUV in the next four models.

2018 Edge

Still a small SUV, the Ford Edge gives you more passenger space than the Escape by nearly all measures while getting comparable fuel economy. You can also trade up from the I-4 engine to a V-6 with the Edge. A larger fuel tank also means less stopping at the pump.

Again, FWD is standard but AWD is available. The Edge gives you more power than the Escape while keeping you at the small sport utility level. This might be the best option if you want the extra passenger and cargo space of an SUV but don’t need to seat more than 5.

2018 Flex

Moving up to a standard sport utility vehicle grants you seating for 7, greater trailering capacity, and some of our favorite front seats.

The added power of the Ford Flex’s V-6 engine and heavier design offer more passenger leg room than the Edge, but sacrifice a bit of the front leg room. It’s the same width as the Edge at 75.9 inches, but measures 201.8 inches in length (to the Edge’s 188.1 inches and the Escape’s 178.1 inches).

Now, you give up some fuel economy to get the added space and power, but this boxier SUV gives you 2,000 lbs of maximum trailering capacity and is available in FWD and AWD levels.

2018 Explorer

While the Flex feels like a little minivan, the Ford Explorer brings you the full SUV experience, from look to execution - and for less than $2,000 more (MSRP).

The Explorer has the same trailering capacity as the Flex but pulls down slightly better fuel economy. It also seats 7, offers more leg room in the front, and more hip room all-around.

This wider SUV is a bit shorter lengthwise than the Flex, but it has more cargo space unless you fold down both the third and second rows of seats in the two SUVs. The Explorer also has less emissions than the Flex, and is available as a FWD or 4WD with a lot of variety in the trim levels.

All tallied, the Explorer makes an exceptional family vehicle with everything you think of in an SUV, constantly improving handling, and a base model price only $8,000 more than the smaller Ford Escape.

2018 Expedition

We don’t know everything we can yet about the 2018 Ford Expedition, but what we do know has us excited.

This boxy, commanding SUV has an impressive full-size look. You’ll want to park this one in the driveway instead of hiding it in the garage.

The Expedition seats 8, has a 25 gallon fuel tank (compared to 18.6 in the Flex and Explorer), and is likely to have higher trailering/hauling capacity than the other Ford SUVs (the 2017 Expedition had a 6,600 lbs. max trailering capacity).

While we wait to hear more, we can guess from the 2017 Ford Expedition that we’re in for a longer, taller SUV with much more cargo space and the most impressive tech Ford has to offer.

Of course, that all comes at a significant price increase, but if you have the dough this is certainly the way to go.

Find YOUR Ford SUV

Look, we’d gladly talk about the features of these Ford SUVs all day, but the most important question is which one will fit your needs on and off the road.

We hope this gave you a start, but don’t hesitate to stop by and see them for yourself. Getting to see these models side-by-side is the best way to understand the different size, tech, and other aspects that will help you pick the perfect ride for you.

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