This past month has tested our Texan hearts. Harvey may have changed lives and landscapes but there's one thing a Texan knows, our love for our state still stands strong. We're family, through thick and thin, and will stay and rebuild our communities bigger and better.

At Sabine River Ford, we were right there in the flooding. We're open again and all of our vehicles that were affected have been removed from our lot. We have transport trucks arriving daily with new vehicles from around the country that were not in the storm's path and ready for delivery. We've got you covered Most of our staff is back at the dealership after working to keep their homes safe. You'll see all of the friendly faces you are used to.

Texas is Family

To help those who have experienced loss of a flooded vehicle, Ford is offering A-Plan pricing, delayed monthly payments, and assistance in getting you back on the road.

Ford is announcing a special customer assistance bundle, “Texas Is Family,” to assist customers with a loss claim to meet their immediate vehicle needs:

  • The same no-haggle, below-invoice price as Ford employees and their families receive

  • No payments until next year

  • Low Ford Credit APR or lease rates

  • Simple online application process

To be eligible for this offer you must live in an area affected by Hurricane Harvey and provide insurance proof that your current vehicle was lost or destroyed during Hurricane Harvey. This offer is good until October 1, 2017.

If you previously purchased a new Ford vehicle from Sabine River Ford and are still making payments to Ford Credit or Lincoln Automotive Financial Services you can request a deferral of payments for up to two months. You can request this on or, by or phone at 800.723.4016 or by using the FordPass smartphone app.

Bring Your Flooded Car in For a Checkup

It's going to take a while for us to feel normal again. We're going to get our community back on their feet. Whether your flooded SUV, car or truck needs a little repair or you need a new one, know that our staff at Sabine River Ford is here to help you. Our certified technicians are ready to check over your flooded car and make sure it is safe to drive. If it's not, we'll help you find a vehicle to get you back on the road.

It will take a while, but we're Texas. We're raised to stand tall and strong, no storm will break us. Thanks for being a part of our family.

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